• A patented nanotechnology composed of Axalta proprietary polyurethane resins, pigments and premium UV stabilizers.
  • Its flexible composition can absorb impacts and withstand chipping and cracking better than harder, traditional finishes. And it can be polished and repaired without damaging the molecular structure.
  • The polyurethane technology provides superior resistance to chemicals, weathering, solvents and abrasion.
  • The premium UV stabilizers allow the finish to expand and contract without degrading from harmful UV rays.

Imron® 2K Topgloss SF


  • 2-component topcoat system for solid colours for use on yachts and pleasure crafts.
  • Composition based on a unique, patented acrylic polymer technology.


Imron® 2K Topgloss SF gives excellent appearance, a high gloss finish, very good hiding and low consumption.


Following specifications listed in the Imron® Marine Manual

VOC520 to 570 g/l
Number of coats2 to 3
DFT50 to 70 μ