Quality that endures

 Our high-performance paint systems don’t just give you superb flat or high gloss finishes with optimum buffability but finishes that will go on looking good for longer. With long-term UV resistance, you’ll have less maintenance to do over time too.

System Overview

When selecting the right paint system, there is no room for compromise. That’s why every Axalta marine product is scientifically engineered to deliver the industry’s best appearance, performance and corrosion protection. The durability and abrasion resistance of Axalta’s marine coatings helps ensure that yachts retain their gloss and mirror-like finish longer and require less maintenance over time. And, Axalta marine coatings can be spot repaired or polished — further extending the life of the finish.

Durability, corrosion protection, appearance and gloss retention are some of the factors that determine how long the finish will last, and how satisfied your customers will be with the result.

These factors and many more are standard with Axalta’s marine coatings.