Imron Marine clearcoat is designed to be easy to use and provide outstanding resistance to chemicals, weathering, solvents and abrasion. By effectively stopping these threats before they can attack the topcoat, Imron Marine can help keep your products looking better longer

  • Premium gloss and appearance
  • Superior durability: resists chemicals, weathering, solvents and abrasion
  • Features outstanding cleaning properties

DP6940 Imron® Super Flow HS Clearcoat


  • 2-component clear based on Low Emission resin high solids technology, to be used in clear over base system.
  • Composition based on acrylic copolymer.


  • Combines very easy application with little sagging risks.
  • Gives a smooth, high build finish and has very fast drying properties.
  • Has excellent mar, chemical and weather resistance.


Following specifications listed in the Imron® Marine Manual and in particular: Imron® Basecoat

VOC499 to 533 g/l
Number of coats2
DFT50 to 70 μ