Global service

We offer our colour on demand service all around the world. That means maintenance companies can carry lower inventory as well as benefitting from additional services such as training through our network of distributors.

We measure our performance by our customer service.
We know and understand our customers’ needs.

When you choose Imron Marine products, you not only get a unique coating system, but also dependable service and specialist advice – worldwide. We advise you on your choice of the appropriate coating system and support you with qualified counsel – wherever you are. You can always count on us to supply consistent quality, promptly and reliably.

Our team of experts will:

  • Advise you in the choice of the right coating system for any type of substrate and for different applications
  • Help you to optimize work processes to save material, time and money
  • Support you in finding the best combination of coating and application technology and/or manufacturing equipment
  • Provide training
  • Assist you with matters relating to legislation e.g. VOC guidelines, REACH regulations
  • Offer guidance in the preparation of specification documents

Our team of experts supports our clients through process improvements and application training. We also provide documents with specifications and help determine the correct paint and varnish systems for every substrate, including large surfaces with overlapping spray layers.