Coathylene® Polymer Powders

Powder Additives for paint and varnishes.
Texturing – Matting – Anti-slip agents.

Based on pure polymers, Coathylene® thermo-plastic powders offer an attractive alternative to waxes and will be used as additives in paint and varnish formulations to obtain

  • satin and matt finishes
  • structural effects
  • anti-slip surfaces

Typical applications:

  • Road marking
  • Interior and exterior structured paint
  • Vehicle body parts
  • Wood & metal furniture coatings
  • Metal casings, electrical box coatings
  • Marine coatings, ship decking
  • Swimming pools and the surrounding infrastructure
  • Heavy duty industrial flooring

The low specific gravity of most Coathylene® powders allows particles to migrate to the surface of the substrate. The addition rate is between 2 and 10wt %.

New Biodegradable Polymer

The Coathylene® portfolio has been extended with a new 100% biodegradable polymer based on Polylactic Acid (PLA). This powder combines the advantages of an environmentally friendly formulation with the enhanced hardness of the PLA.

Easy to use

  • Reduced application times: add by stirring into the liquid paint, no additional process is necessary
  • Easy & even dispersion
  • The finished paint is easy to apply using standard equipment
  • Inert: no modification or reaction to the paint formulation

Product features

  • Wide choice of structured effects
  • Excellent anti-slip or structured effect thanks to the Coathylene® particles “floating” on the paint surface
  • Excellent visual aspect thanks to the even distribution over the surface
  • Significant reduction of glare from reflected sunlight
  • Hides any surface imperfections on the coated object

Mechanical benefits

  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Significantly improved impact resistance
  • No chipping

Product Portfolio

GradePolymerMelting Point
Particle Size
(μm) max.
Particle Size
(μm) X50
Main applications
Coathylene® HX1681LDPE1053510-15textured paint,
matt & satin finish
Coathylene® HA1681LDPE1057512-22textured paint,
matt & satin finish
Coathylene® NB6454-FHDPE1319040-60textured paint
Coathylene® PC0580PP1659055 -75textured paint
Coathylene® GC2561PLA1709060-80textured paint
Coathylene® NC6454-FHDPE13112560-90textured paint
Coathylene® PD0580PP16515080-120textured paint
Coathylene® NY6454-FHDPE13120090-140textured paint
Coathylene® PL0580PP165315190-230Industrial epoxy flooring,
road marking paint
Coathylene® GL2561PLA170315180-270textured paint, Anti-slip
Coathylene® NM6454HDPE131400200-250Industrial epoxy flooring,
road marking paint


Ultrafine Coathylene® powders, with maximum particle sizes below 35 μm, are recommended as matting agents for solvent and non-
solvent based coatings, paint and varnishes. They can be used in wood coatings, parquet lacquers, plastic coatings, coil coatings etc.


  • Special touch
  • Uniform appearance
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Scratch resistance
  • No alteration to the coatings flexibility
  • Customized effects achieved by blending different grades


Coathylene® fine powders are used as texturing agents in furniture and industrial coatings.

Easy to use:

  • Coathylene® powder is simply added to the paint then dispersed with normal mixing, or added directly onto the coating. No special mixing or application equipment is required
  • Coathylene® is dispersible in water as well as in several solvents: Xylene, N-Butanol, N-Butyl Acetate, Water, and resins, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Alkyd Melamine for example


  • Effective and economical: with a density lower than 1, the powder “floats” to the paint surface. Less additive is consumed for an improved effect
  • Fine, uniform texturing effect


Coathylene® Powder additives are used as anti-slip agents in premium coatings, as an alternative to sand and other mineral fillers.

Application examples

  • Yacht and ship decking
  • Industrial flooring
  • Road marking
  • Coatings for military equipment


  • Appealing, uniform surface appearance
  • Added directly into the coating, no second step is necessary

Voice of the Customer

“Coathylene® is an additive, which is quite simple to use. It can be
mixed directly into the paint, it will not need be sprinkled anymore
and consequently saves one step in the application process.
It generates less traces and leaves the floor easier to clean, it’s
less abrasive and damaging to cleaning equipment than silica.
It provides additional safety in childrenss playgrounds: because
Coathylene® is less abrasive than silica, children are hurt less if
they fall.”

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